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Recommended Resources

Occasionally we discover books and messages that are important to the ministry of Aglow moving forward in the things of God related to the current season. Here you will find several key resources you will not want to be without!

Awakening the One New Man

Awakening one new manRobert Wolff asked Aglow president Jane Hansen Hoyt, along with a number of other authors, to each explain a facet of the journey of Jews and Gentiles as they discover a shared calling to be One New Man.


Islam in the United States

Islam DVDIn this engaging and well-researched DVD, you will learn how the face of America has changed in the past 35 years. With Islam becoming the second largest religion in the world, you’ll see how Islam is influencing every aspect of western society.


The Way of the Warrior Series

thewayofthewarriorIn this three volume series, Graham Cooke explores what it means to be captivated by majesty, manifest our spirit in the course of life, and reposition yourself to be overwhelmed by glory. The series includes book #1, The Way of the Warrior; book #2, Manifesting Your Spirit; and book #3, Qualities of a Spiritual Warrior. by Graham Cooke


True Identity

True-Identity.COVER.8.4.08In this profound, personal, and biblical study into the discovery of identity, Diane Fink shares with courage and openness, the struggles and lessons she has learned in her journey.


At the Core

At the CoreIn this book, Jennie Newbrough reveals ways for us to identify those things that threaten our "core", the very essence of our being; those things that will ultimately determine our destiny.


That They May Be One

That They May Be OneSomething prophetic and momentous is happening. The Church is finally fully grasping its relationship to Israel and the Jewish people. Dan Juster describes the restoration movements in Church history and how they connected to Israel and the Jewish people.


The Pioneering Minority – Plus God (DVD)

This strongly anointed message targets the young generation of leaders, world visionaries and intercessors who think outside the box – and are not afraid to move out of their comfort zones. The dynamic mixture of leadership and evangelism principles motivates and empowers the serious disciple of Christ to reach unreached people groups in the six major areas of the world where the gospel has not yet been presented.