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Global Leader

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The Global Leader Development section contains current and strategic materials for developing todays champions, warriors and global leaders. You will find transcripts for messages, links to order DVDs, and teaching materials that will boost your upgrades!

creative ideaSkits, Power Points, and Creative Ideas* - New!

(English | Español | Française | Português)

6 Entries

Looking for ways to bring excitement into your Lighthouse or Area meetings while reinforcing the language of the new season?  Try one of our fun skits, power point, or other creative ideas!


waterfallWalking in Newness of Life* - New!

(English | Español | Française | Português)

2 Articles

Truth plus encounter leads to ongoing experience.  The life that God has given us in Christ is about having an encounter experience driven life. Each encounter is gradually conforming us to live as citizens of Heaven here on earth.  We see from Heaven’s point of view.  We draw our identity from what Heaven says about us.  Our thoughts are in alignment with Heaven’s thoughts.  Our conversations flow out of the abundance of our heart which is rooted in truth.


prophetic messagesProphetic Messages*

(English | Español | Française | Português)

5 Articles

When God gives a prophetic word or message, He is giving you an upgrade. He is standing in your future, speaking to you in the present about who you are becoming. In this prophetic message, God speaks of Aglow becoming a prototype like the world has never experienced. Graham said, “You have a new persona as a company and a word I believe has been spoken over Aglow from heaven. It is a kingdom word and it can only be heard, understood, and acted upon by apostolic personal.” Meditate on this word and allow the powerful truths to impact you and lift you to a higher place.


Jane Hansen HoytEstablishing a Kingdom Culture*

(English | Español | Française)

15 Articles - 1 Skit

These sessions are filled with foundational truths that are to be used as building blocks for all in the Body of Christ. Learn in Christ truths about your real identity. Learn how to Live an Ascended Lifestyle. Learn how prophetic words help to establish your identity.


2015-conf-logo2015 Global Conference Messages - New!

2 Entries

At the 2015 Global Conference Jane Hansen Hoyt declared, "It's time for us to step into the fullness of who we are. There is an increased mantle on this ministry. It is the time of our arising." This section contains transcripts of conference messages and other resources teaching us how to step into our identity and destiny.

embraceDiscovering the Affections of God*

(English | Español | Française)

2 Articles

One of the basic needs we have as humans is the need to love and to be loved.  Jesus loves us in the same way that He is loved and the goal of the Holy Spirit is to empower us to abide there.  The earth will be filled with God’s glory when the world sees the relationship – the love between the Father and the Son in you.  These messages are for all people yearning to live our lives embraced in that love.


pathGetting Our Story Straight*

(English | Español | Française)

3 Articles

This series explores what it means to have another chance in life as one whose life is hidden with Christ in God.  It is time we got our story straight.  We are a Kingdom people living on earth. We have ‘diplomatic immunity’ because of Christ in us.  We live in the world, but we are not of it.  The things belonging to the world – sickness, poverty, negativity – those things have no place in us.  Walk worthy of your calling.  You are saints, not sinners saved by grace.


majestyThe Majesty of God*

(English | Español | Française)

5 Articles

The purpose of these sessions on the majesty of God is to help us see God with new eyes.  The sessions are designed to begin a revelation that will help restore us to our rightful place in the kingdom by seeing who God really is – seeing, experiencing, and knowing the vastness of His greatness and His majesty, His kindness and His goodness.  In order to be the company, the tribe, the prototype in the earth that is needed for the end times, we must allow Him to expand in us who He is. As we behold His majesty, we will be forever changed.  What an exciting journey!


Gate to Old City in JerusalemIsrael Mandate*

(English only)

10 Articles

The Foundational Series - These teachings have been developed by Aglow International’s Israel Education Director, Sandy Wezowicz, to provide you with an understanding of the Biblical and historical foundation for supporting Israel and the Jewish people. Our goal is to empower you, a warrior and champion, to be an effective advocate and informed intercessor. 

Also included in this section is Jane's powerful 2015 Global Conference message entitled "Aglow's Immoveable Stand With Israel".



(English | Español | Française)

4 Articles - 1 PowerPoint

As God’s representatives on earth, we walk in authority that He has given to us through Christ’s completed work on the cross. This authority, purchased by the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, gives us the right to reign and rule on earth as it is in Heaven.



(English | Español | Française)

4 Articles

A tree falls in the forest. Does it make a sound? Of course it makes a sound! Yet only those with an ear to hear are able to hear the sound of the falling tree. Proverbs talks about wisdom calling out to those passing by, yet only those with an ear to hear wisdom’s advice give heed. The same is true of everyone who listens intently for sounds from Heaven. Only those whose ears are open will hear.