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The following resources are produced by the Aglow International Office. If you're an Aglow leader, you'll want to pick some up for your Lighthouse or group.

Our Vision Bookmark

aglow vision bookmarkOur vision statement is both bold and broad. It is a statement that encompasses everything we do and leaves expansion for our future. Vision is not about direction. It is about the height we wish to achieve. You'll want to have a supply of these onhand at your Lighthouse or local group.

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EvangelismEvangelism is a foundational principle of Aglow. It matters to God, so it matters to Aglow. Evangelism is love in action; it's caring enough about the eternal destiny of others to connect and show geniune interest in their lives. Sharing the Good News should be a natural expression of who we are.

Our new brochure, What We Believe About Evangelism shares the heart of the ministry concerning evangelism and describes opportunities to grow and serve.
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Capital Prayer

Capital PrayerCapital Prayer is a growing global strategy that is gaining momentum with people just like you. The governments of this world are in upheaval. More than ever, our earthly leaders need our prayers that declare righteousness. Jesus said it: “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be on earth as it is in heaven.” Jesus was intentional with every word.

This brochure explains the details of the Capital Prayer strategy and provides a list of nations to use for targeted prayer.
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Ministry on the Move

Ministry On The MoveOur general ministry brochure Ministry on the Move tells who we are and what we do in a new and fresh way. The brochure covers ways to get involved, the three mandates and information about local groups.

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