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Estimated Dollar Value of Aglow

The following chart shows the dollar value of Aglow International.  All Aglow leaders in the field work on a purely volunteer basis.  However, this chart assigns a minimum monetary value to their efforts in order to present a more accurate picture of Aglow's financial worth*.

Number of USA Volunteer Leaders


Number of International Volunteer Leaders (166 countries)


Total Leaders:


Average Volunteer Hours Per Week

(Based on Avg. Volunteer estimates in Non Profit Magazine)

Average Minimum Wage Per Hour:

(AMW - Washington State/Jan. 2011)
(NPT Instant Fundraising, 4-17-08 states "volunteers worth 3.3 times minimum wage.")


19,250 Leaders x 50 wks/yr x 4 hrs/wk x $8.67/hr: $33,379,500

On average Aglow leaders at the area, regional, national and multi-national level give more than 4 hours of their week to Aglow. The average National Leader in Aglow donates approximately 10 hours per week.

Volunteer U.S. Leadership @ 4 hrs/wk (1.2 million hours)


International Volunteer Leadership (2.8 million hours)


Worldwide Resources (raised and reinvested in each nation)*

(Includes FY 11-12 budgeted revenue of Aglow International corporate offices of $2,737,000) 


Total Estimated Value, Revenue and In-Kind:



value of Leadership is increased to $15 per Hour for US Leadership only...


Total Value of Volunteer Leadership


Worldwide Resources (raised and reinvested in each nation)*

(Includes Budgeted Activities of Aglow International Corporate Offices of $3,000,000)


Estimated Dollar Value of Aglow International

*Based on financial reports received from various nations and extrapolated to represent all 166 nations. These numbers are as of the end of the last fiscal year 3/31/11.