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Church Aglow

Touching the Church

Church~Aglow is a partnership between the local church and Aglow, helping to strengthen the local church.  Aglow functions in a servant role to help, bless, encourage, strengthen and, when asked, provide leadership development for the women in the church.  Aglow supports and serves the local church/congregation in fulfilling God’s vision for women, restoring their identity in Christ and promoting relational unity, and imparting a Christian world view in the Body of Christ.

Church~Aglow serves within the structure of the local church to strengthen and equip women through Bible studies, prayer groups and care groups.  It functions under the headship of the Pastor of the local church congregation.  Aglow women from Lighthouse teams and Area teams are often the ones invited into the church by the Pastor to present Church~Aglow.  Once established, the Pastor then appoints a female leader and her assistant from the congregation to oversee the Church~Aglow ministry.

Church~Aglow strives to build friendship among local churches by connecting with different churches within the community for projects, such as working together for the National Day of Prayer.

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