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Below are stories of lives that have been changed by the power of God through the ministry of Aglow International. Got a story to share? Use this form to send us your testimony of what God has done in and through you in Aglow.

Something New in AIM

Study GroupGathering together as a study group, 4 members of an Aglow Chapter in England recently completed the Male and Female: Dominion and the Kingdom AIM course taught by Jane Hansen Hoyt.

The chapter met weekly for course sessions, each beginning with coffee and cake, prayer, and worship before diving into the lesson.  The video lectures were streamed to the leader’s television so everyone could watch together. Following the lecture, the group discussed the insight each participant received from the teaching.

Jo-anne Elliott, the leader of the study group, writes, “Feedback was very positive. We all felt our understanding of this mandate has grown beyond belief! The book, Master Plan was great, as it was so easy to read. Everyone felt they could easily understand it.”  The group study introduced the ladies to the opportunities available through AIM.  Jo-anne’s chapter is considering doing another mandate course next year, possibly Israel: The Issue of the Age.

Are you interested in going an AIM course as a group? Contact Diane Fink at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Found a job through Aglow

My best friend in Florida is the president of the Women's Aglow chapter in Sarasota. I had just relocated to Lexington, Kentucky to find work. My transition and move were hard and difficult and I did not know anyone but my daughter. She suggested I attend the local chapter of Aglow to meet like minded women.


Healed from Stage 4 Lung Cancer

My mother, sister and I attending the recent worldwide conference via web-cast from different states. We “aglowed” with you for days after, as we replayed the sessions. This is the first Aglow conference that my Mother has not attended in person for longer than I can remember.