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Latest Headlines

Triple Chord Prayer Team Prays at the Ontario Legislature

2016-5-3-prayer2Aglow Canada has a strategy to pray and stake the ground at each provincial and territorial capital in their nation. God recently opened a door for Maureen Smith, Lillian Facchini, and Rohini Jayasekera Lewis to prayer walk the halls of the Ontario Legislature in Toronto.


Aglow Bolivia Is Reaching Their Nation

2016-4-19-bolivia-group-smFor the past 27 years the women and men of Aglow Bolivia are bringing hope and restoration to many. In addition to the monthly meetings of each Aglow group in Bolivia, special events and activities were held in 2015 focusing on specific needs and issues.


New Openings Into Our Territories

2016-4-15-snake2Recently, Shelly Morales found a hole in the fence along her property line after clearing out some dead debris. Through this, the Lord showed her prophetic insight about being aware of the enemy’s unlawful entry into our territory. Shortly after that finding, Shelly and her husband came upon a rattlesnake posted to strike nearby the same hole in the fence.


Prune Out What Is Fruitless

2016-4-12-texasRecently Shelly Morales pulled away some dead overgrowth along the fenceline of her property only to discover a manmade hole in the fence most likely used for those entering the United States illegally from Mexico. Shelly believes that the Lord showed her something prophetic from this.